Transparent PU Film Dressing

Transparent PU Film Dressing



Medical Transparent PU Film Dressing For Skin Protective

Transparent PU film dressing is popular used and suitable for fixation. Such as used for fixing the oily gauze, wet dressing, medicinal dressing, Chinese Midicine preparation,plaster, or, electrode and magnet which need to be cling the skin etc.

Transparent PU Film Dressing transparent film dressing

Transparent PU Film Dressing Features

  1. Permlsslblilty: the network structure of spun-laced nonwoven cloth can make skin breathe freely, get rid of steam and sweat, thus reducing the occurrence of wound infection effectively
  2. Low sensitization: the medical pressure-sensitive adhesive to bind on skin has moderate viscosity: has no irritation to wound and no injury to skin when removing the dressing
  3. No binding to wound: the absorptive pad with network cover will not stick, and can absorb effusion effectively without any sticking to wound; thus causing no pain when removing the pad
  4. Compliance: being soft, light and elastic, the material can comply with body outline and curves without any obstacle to muscle action.


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