Non woven I.V. Dressing

Non woven I.V. Dressing



Surgical Steril Adhesive Medical Infusion Non woven I.V. Dressing

Non woven I.V. Dressing with rounded comer design, which is not easy to curl and falloff during the application.At the sametime, the non-woven material indwelling needle sticker has better air permeability and moi ture absorption.The absorbent cotton pad in the center of the dressing can not only absorb the pinhole exudate, prevent skin maceration, but also maintain local cleaning and reduce infection.

Non woven I.V. Dressing

Product Features:

  • The spun laced non-woven fabric is coated with special acrylate glue, which is firmly adhered, not easy to cur, not falloff when expose to water, and easy to peel off and with low sensitization.
  • The’U’shaped design make the fiat n of needle wing more convenient and f mer
  • The absorbent cotton pad make It better function of absorbing pinhole exudate.



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