PE Foam I.V Dressing

PE Foam I.V Dressing



Medical Sterile Wounder Dressing PE foam I.V dressing

PE Foam I.V Dressing made of high air permeable polyurethane(PU) film and PE foam frame, making it easy to observe the injection site and wound conditions.

PE Foam I.V Dressing

PE Foam I.V. Dressing Features:

  • Ultra-thin design for perfect fiting on the skin.
  • Multi microporous PE Foam is breathable, and extends the dressing e time.
  • Additional tape makes the fixation safer and firmer.
  • PE foam frame design enhances the fixation and security of I.V. catheter. 
  • PE foam tape makes the fixation much easier. 
  • Extra-thin high-permeable PU film is hypoallergenic to the skin. 
  • Transparent PU film makes it easy to observe the wound or pinhole area.

Product Size:

Product Name Item No. Size
PE Foam I.V Dressing JC72125 7.4*9.6cm
JC72126 6.3*7.3cm
JC72127 8*13.5cm
JC72128 7.5*11cm

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