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Crafted from durable and environmental Nylon, EVA, PP, ABS, or aluminum, Lightweight, compact and yet still holds everything you need for unexpected events.
We are confident that you will find that there are more and higher quality contents in our kits than any other on the market!
Both the bag/box/cabinet and the contents are manufactured by China qualified and reputable factories. With strict, efficient and expertise management system, the quality of our products strictly inspected by every step.
Many supplies from our company are very useful, but can only found in our first aid kits. Such as tactical gauze (hemostatic gauze), zipstich suture, tactical triangular bandage, hydrogel tape, etc.

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latest news 6.11

CAT Tourniquet Using

CAT Tourniquet Using Method Our Tourniquet Advantages: Life Saving: CAT Tourniquet is awesome for Life Saving and Hemorrhage Control,100% effective in quickly stopping arterial blood flow in shortest application time saving life and limb. Easy to Use: Fast and easy to apply with one hand on your on limbs. High...

Home First Aid Kit

Why do we need a family first aid box? Life is full of surprises. He is coming, are you ready? The family has a sufficient first aid kit, which is the most convenient and safe way to deal with your family! Common home security risks: Cut and scratch Slight burns, including sunburn ...

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