Transparent Dressing

Transparent Dressing



 Waterproof  PU Adhesive Transparent Dressing

Transparent dressing is used to cover and protect the wound after operation, especially swelling and moving position, In additional, it protect the opening damage, such as the damage of cut, split, abrasion and the wound of being sewed up.

Product Advantages

  • High moisture permeabity:Avoid skin soaking.
  • Prevent bacterial invasion:No risk of exte mal infection.
  • Waterproof:The patient can take a shower or bath.
  • Transparency:The wound can be observed at anytime.
  • Comfortable and soft:It can be used in all parts of the body, with low allergic reaction.
  • Effective strong adhesion:it can stay on the wound for 7 days.
  • Safe and easy to stick:The structure allows the user to sick quickly and accurately.
  • Complete specifications:A varlet y of product designs provide more choices for clinical use, including paper frame type, high per me abity dot mesh type, new practical type, hydrocolloid type, PE foam type and non-woven type.
  • Easy to use:It can avoid wrinkles caused by the adhesion of dressing itself(the center can be made into a pad as required, having strong absorption a bily to avoid wound maceration) .

Product Indications

  1. Fixation of indwelling needle, and fixation of PICC and CVC.
  2. Fx ation of anesthesia catheter pulmonary artery cannula, renal dialysis cannula,analgesia pump cannula
  3. Skincare of areas susceptible to friction or in humid environment, such as skin protection around tracheotomy areas.Skincare around bone knuckle during incontinence to prevent bedsores.
  4. Care of mild bruise wound, incised wound and suture wound.
  5. Fixation for other dressings.

Product Size:

Product Name Item No. Size
Transparent Dressing JC72110 6*7cm
JC72111 10*12cm
JC72112 10*15cm
JC72113 10*20cm
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