Transparent IV Canula Dressing

Transparent IV Canula Dressing



Transparent IV Canula Dressing with Frame Style

IV cannula dressing is used to cover and protect the wound after operation, especially swelling and moving position, In additional, it protect the opening damage, such as the damage of cut, split, abrasion and the wound of being sewed up.


IV Cannula Dressing Features

  • Permlsslblilty: the network structure of spun-laced nonwoven cloth can make skin breathe freely, get rid of steam and sweat, thus reducing the occurrence of wound infection effectively
  • Low sensitization: the medical pressure-sensitive adhesive to bind on skin has moderate viscosity: has no irritation to wound and no injury to skin when removing the dressing
  • No binding to wound: the absorptive pad with network cover will not stick, and can absorb effusion effectively without any sticking to wound; thus causing no pain when removing the pad
  • Compliance: being soft, light and elastic, the material can comply with body outline and curves without any obstacle to muscle action.


Protects the wound site after surgical operations..

Direction for use

  1. Prepare the wound according to institution protocol.Allow all cleansing solutions and skin peotectants to dry completely.
  2. Peel the liner from the dressing, bind the dressing on wound and press the circumference to make it firm.


  1. Forbidden for wound infected and ulcerated. Please stop using it or adopt relevant means according to doctor’s diagnosis, if any hyperemia, swelling, seepage, fever, etc. after infection.
  2. It couldn’t be used as fixing aim of artery conduit.
  3. It can’t replace sewing, anastasis, skin disinfection, drying, etc measures.
  4. Please select the size & specification enough to assure its binding firmly on dry healthy skin around the wound when use and no strain is made by stretching.
  5. Pay attention not to remove together the conduit or other devices covered by it.

Product Size:

Product Name Item No. Size
IV Canula Dressing JC72110 6*7cm
JC72111 10*12cm
JC72112 10*15cm
JC72113 10*20cm


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