1L Sharps Container

1L Sharps Container


1L Medical Square Sharps Containers

Medical square sharps containers and adopts new medical polypropylene and are free PVC. It is convenient, safe, non-toxic, puncture resistant, non-leakage and easy to incinerate at high temperature. It cannot be opened after close unless damage.

medical square sharps containers

Main Usage:

  • Collection of syringes, infusion needles and other disposable items.
  • Collection of small glass medical products, various types of blades, scalp, sharp needle and suture needles.
  • Vice-up the entire collection of blood, blood transfusion, etc. contact the blood of medical equipment.
  • Sharps boxes must be placed in other provisions of the medical sharps and other sharp dangerous goods.

 Medical Square Sharps Containers Features:

  •  Special and square shape
  •  Newly designed
  • Leak proof and puncture resistant
  • Solid and stable stand
  • 2L and 5L models are perfect for long size needle disposal
  • Cardboard sharps box for special needs
  • Secure perimeter lock for safe usage and transportation
  • Easy manipulation
  • Comprehensive label details
  • Safe to human health and environment

Product Size:

Product Model Product Size(cm) Capacity(L) Pcs/ctn Carton Size(cm)
JC-T1A 10.5*8*18 1.0 60 37*32*40
JV-T1B 10.5*8*18.5 1.0 60 37*32*40
JC-T1C 10.5*8*18.5 1.0 100 36*36*52
JC-T2 19*11*16.5 2.0 30 40.5*27*45
JC-T8 21*18*25 8.0 24 44*38*44
JC-T5A 27*11.5*28 4.6 20 58*56*28
JC-T5B 27*11.5*27 4.6 20 58*35*28
JC-T5C 27*11.5*27 4.6 20 58*35*28
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