Red 7L Sharp Container

Red 7L Sharp Container

Convenient, safe, non-toxic, puncture resistant



Red 7L Sharp Container

Medical 7L Sharp Container are designed to permit safe disposal of sharps and medical waste. They can collect, store, transport and dispose of medical waste in hospital, clinic and familiy care.

Sharps Container Biohazard Needle Disposal Store Waste Box Medical Sharp Container

7L Sharp Container Features:

Unaffected by moderate variation in temperature
Leak proof and puncture resistant
Intermediate closure system on the lid
Translucent lid preventsoverfilling
Neeldle-remove notches on the lid
Final clousure system avoids reopening
Round edge avoids hurt when moving
Comprehensive label details
Visible fill line warns spill

Product Size:

Product Model Product Size(cm) Capacity(L) Pcs/ctn Carton Size(cm)
JC-T1A 10.5*8*18 1.0 60 37*32*40
JV-T1B 10.5*8*18.5 1.0 60 37*32*40
JC-T1C 10.5*8*18.5 1.0 100 36*36*52
JC-T2 19*11*16.5 2.0 30 40.5*27*45
JC-T8 21*18*25 8.0 24 44*38*44
JC-T5A 27*11.5*28 4.6 20 58*56*28
JC-T5B 27*11.5*27 4.6 20 58*35*28
JC-T5C 27*11.5*27 4.6 20 58*35*28

Non-leakage and easy to incinerate at high temperature.

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