Noninvasive Wound Closure Device

Noninvasive Wound Closure Device

Noninvasive Wound Closure Device



Noninvasive wound closure device is a new type of surface suture device that uses the skin’s own tension to perform non-invasive suture on the surface of the skin. Also called medical skin surface suture device, reducer.




  • Precise and unique structure desugn ensures the convenience operation and sufficient closing force when pulling.

Polypropylene Hasps

  • Self-locked structure design ensures the ribbon will not be loosened during the treatment.
  • It can be tjghtened gradually,especially for the edema wounds.
  • Made of special poly material,provides strong closure force.

Medical Adhesive Tape

  • Air-permeable and perfect biocompatibility ensures the device placed onhuman skin for long period.
  • Strong and Stable holding power provides enough strength to close the wound.
  • 180° peel strength ensures peeling easily without any glue residue.


  • Medical tape has the characteristics of high strength, microporous ventilation, and low sensitization.
  • By adjusting the length of the suture band, it can provide the appropriate suture tension required to close the wound, and achieve the purpose of non-invasive, open and reduced suture incision.


  • No suture, less scars
  • Less pain for the patients
  • Quick to apply, easy to use
  • Easy to clean the wound skin
  • Ideal for Accident &Emergency
  • Reduce the wound infection rate
  • Adjustable and good for wound closure

Operation Instruction:

  1.  Stop bleeding and clean the wound
  2. 2Open the package.①
  3. Take the wound closure device off the paper.②
  4. Stick on the wound skin. ③
  5. Press the adhesive ribbons carefully
  6. Apply enough devices according to the wound degree (each device should be 2mm away from others).④
  7. Tighten the hasps gently. ⑤
  8. Cut the long ribbons, apply dressing if possible. ⑥⑦
  9. Remove the devices lightly after recovery.⑧

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