Medical Sharps Container With FDA & ISO13485

Medical Sharps Container With FDA & ISO13485

Medical Sharps Container Definition

Medical sharps container is a medical storage box used to collect sharps such as syringes, small glass products, blades, and suture needles.

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The sharps box is for one-time use. According to national requirements, it must be recycled by a medical waste disposal unit within 24 hours, and it must be completely and safely incinerated within 48 hours.

Medical Sharps Container Features:

  1. Can collect syringes, infusion sets, and needles for disposable items;
  2. Collect medical small glass products, various blades, scalp needles, suture needles and other sharp instruments;
  3. Collect blood-filled syringes, blood transfusion sets and other medical equipment that come into contact with blood;
  4. The product adopts new polypropylene material, does not contain PVC, and is convenient, safe, non-toxic, puncture-resistant, non-leakage; and easy to burn at high temperature. After being closed, it cannot be opened without breaking.

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