Military first aid kits Ifak firstaid kit

Military first aid kits Ifak firstaid kit


Emergency Use Military first aid kits Ifak firstaid kit

Military trauma kit pay more attention to the protection of soldiers. In the usual training and drills, small injuries may occur. At this time, the accessories in the first aid kits can help to minimize the injury.

Military trauma kit are based on the principle of life protection, giving priority to the user’s life, hands, feet and vision, including tourniquet, tourniquet, chest seal, Splint, disinfectant alcohol, eye pad for injury, safety scissors for cutting off the injured’s clothes and braces, and record card for the injured. Even the military dog is also equipped with complete first aid supplies. Keeping the first aid kits on the battlefield,keep the risk at the lowest rate

Military trauma kit used for Amy, Police Emergency Rescue. The products we develop have a critical and defined mission… Each is an innovative life saving solution to the unique challenges, which arise during casualty care in difficult to manage situations and environments.
From tactical medicine to bystander intervention, JCMED’s trusted, reliable prehospital equipment delivers the critical tools necessary to increase survivability by empowering responders to take immediate action in life threatening emergencies.

Emergency Use Military first aid kits Ifak firstaid kit


This kit including

Israeli bandage :deal with Severe woundsCAT tourniquet :stop bleeding on time to avoid losing life, use marker pen to record the time.

First aid splint:pack the bone injury with the splint,avoid it from getting worse before having better medical treatment.

Emergency blanket:avoid fire emergency and bad weather harms.

Wrinkle bandage ,Triangular bandage ,Burn dressing :prepared for all kind of potential wounds risk.

Alcohol pad × 10:clean skin surface with alcohol pad,avoid infection

Compressed gauze ,adhesive tape,PVC gloves :full content of medical content for most common emergency situation.

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