Vaseline Gauze Dressing

Vaseline Gauze Dressing


Disposable Medical Sterile Vaseline Gauze Dressing

Vaseline gauze dressing is one of the simplest dressings for a burn.It can lubricate the skin and protect the skin from cracks. It is widely used on clinic.

Vaseline GauzeVaseline Gauze

Vaseline Gauze Vaseline Gauze

Features and Advantages

  • Vaseline gauze is sterile products.
  • Disposable use, clean, safe and tidy
  • Made of gauze and vaseline.
  • Oil emulsion can moisten and protect wounds
  • To avoid pad adhesive wounds
  • Application for assistant therapy of skin disease, bruising, mild burns, local ulcer which needs change dressings


  1. disposable use
  2. do not use once the packing is open or damaged
  3. serious wounds, burns or discomfort caused by the wound, please go to hospital as soon as possible

Usage instruction

  1. clean your hands first,
  2. gently dry the wound and surrounding skin,
  3. peel off the foil bag,
  4. lifting paraffine paper on both sides,
  5. gently put the vaseline gauze pad on the wound,
  6. if needed, covering an absorbent pad on the pad
  7. fix the gauze pad

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