Nose Bandage

Nose bandage is quick and easy to apply, and, because of the absorption capacity, frequent change of the nose bandage is not required.


External Nose Bandage Soft Highly Absorbent Nasal Sling Bandage

Nose bandage has a soft, cylindrical, highly absorbent, viscose nonwoven padding that is covered by elastic knit fabric. The bandage is easily fitted to the patient by passing the attached straps around the ears. The ends can be tied up at the back of the head. The nose bandage absorbs blood and wound secretions postoperatively. Should the patient develop a cold, the absorbent pad can be moistened with essential oils, to ease breathing.

External Nose bandage Material

  • Bandage Cover: 100% Polyamide
  • Padding (Filling): 100% cotton

External Nose Bandage Soft Highly Absorbent Nasal Sling Bandage

Nose Dressing Bandage Features

  • Fast and simple application
  • No use of plasters and gauzes necessary
  • Excellent absorption
  • No face irritation caused by plasters
  • More convenient for the patient
  • Time saving for medical staff


  • The bandage is intended to be used after nasal surgeries and procedures
  • Ideal to be included in the medical first aid kit for nose injuries
  • Can be used to apply essential oils to facilitate breathing in cases of cold and congestion


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