POP Fiberglass Casting Bandage

POP Fiberglass Casting Bandage

Gypsum Bandage Product Advantages

Patent cut line design, easy to use, torn neatly;
Patented design of pre-cut, can be cut in any length by hand, meanwhile keep appropriate tensile strength of the tape;
Gentle on the skin, painless to remove and not damage the skin;
Good stickness, waterproof, no edge warped. Compare to non-woven silicone tape, it can soak into water for times, for example swimming and so on;
It’s softer and better adhesion compared to normal non-woven silicone tape;
Reusable, does not stick to hair, and no residue.


Fiberglass Casting Bandage

Fiberglass Casting  Bandage  is made of knitted fibreglass fabric, impregnated with water activated Polyurethane.


  • High hardness & light weight
  •  Wide Application
  • Excellent X-ray projection
  • It has good waterproof
  • Good breathable
  • Less powder is generated when removed
  • Comfortable and safe

POP Fiberglass Casting Bandage fiber cast bandage

 Fiberglass Casting  Bandage Instructions:

  1. Put on 1-2 layers stockinette or casting padding to protect the fixed part.
  2. Put on medical gloves
  3. Open the package, immerse the casting tape into 21℃ to 24℃ room temperature water for 4-6 seconds and squeeze 2-3 times in order to remove extra water.
  4. Take the cast out of water, and squeeze out extra water.
  5. Wrap spirally on the fixed part, overlapping the previous layer by one half or two thirds the wideth of the roll. 3-4 layers are enough for a non-weight-bearing cast, and 5-6 layers are normally adequate for a weight-bearing cast.
  6. Make shape of the casting tape according to real needs. Make forward and backward movements in order to achieve good contact between layers.
  7. The operation needs to be done in 3-5 minutes. And allow 10 mins for the cast to sufficiently cure. Patients are not allowed to move in these 10 mins. In room temperature, the product will sufficiently cure in 30 minutes after taking out of water.
  8. To remove the cast, pls use electric plaster saw.

Different Colors Elastic Fiberglass Orthopedic Casting Tape for Hand Leg Wound


Size and Packaging:

Type English Size Metric Unit Packing Carton Packing
1 2”×4Yds 5.0cm×360cm 5 rolls/inbox 50 rolls/carton
2 3”×4Yds 7.5cm×360cm 5 rolls/inbox 50 rolls/carton
3 4”×4Yds 10.0cm×360cm 5 rolls/inbox 50 rolls/carton
4 5”×4Yds 12.5cm×360cm 5 rolls/inbox 50 rolls/carton
5 6”×4Yds 15.0cm×360cm 5 rolls/inbox 50 rolls/carton


Stored in a cool dry and ventilated atmosphere. The proper temperature is 15°C- 30°C and the  humidity should  be less than RH 60


  1. Check the package for damage or small holes. If the product is partially cured, it cannot be used.
  2. It is recommended to open separate packages before use and use them within the specified time. It is forbidden to open multiple packages at the same time to prevent the bandage from curing and affecting its use effect.
  3. The product should be operated by a professionally qualified doctor in person.

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