Hydrogel Wound Dressing

Hydrogel Wound Dressing



Surgical High Absorbent Waterproof Transparent Hydrogel Wound Dressing

Hydrogel wound dressing (also called ] aquogel wound dressing ) is a new type of wound dressing consisting of a high water-content absorbent polymer gel.

hydrogel wound dressing  hydrogel dressing

transparent hydrogel wound dressing

Main principle:

  • Providing moisture to the surface of dry scar, enabling the dead tissue regeneration, wrapping, separating and cleaning the necrotic tissue, bacteria and so on,and promoting the self – soluble debridement.
  • Absorbing excess fluid from the wound and keep the wound in a proper moist state.



  1. Hydrogel are divided into two types: amorphous hydrogel (i.e., debridement gel) and shape-forming hydgel (i.e., hydrogel dressings),the latter can be divided into self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive.
  2. Debridement gel contains more than 90% water which is a kind of transparent amorphous gel .
  3. Self-adhesive hydrogel’s coating is made of high permeable polyurethane adhesive which is waterproof ,breathable and easy to use.
  4. Hydrogel dressings have a high water absorption capacity of more than 300%.


  • Debridement gel contains more than 90% water and it has the dual function of moisturizing the wound and absorbing the seepage which can keep the wound moist and effectively avoid the dry necrosis of the wound tissue.
  • Debridement gel plays the exogenous debridement effect to wrap, separate and clean the wound necrotic tissue, bacteria and so on.
  • Improving the regeneration ability of wound granulation tissue, promoting epithelial cell division and migration,accelerating the healing of the wound, and avoiding to leave a scar.
  • It’s soft,comfortable and elastic which can reduce pain and avoid adhesive and secondary damage to the wound.



  1. Debridement gel is suitable for dry scarbs , decay organization or the wounds of cavities and sinus channels.
  2. Hydrocolloid dressing suitable for all kinds of chronic wounds,I-II degree burned wound and skin donor site.
  3. It is especially suitable for superficial injury of skin, such as bruises, scratches and scalds.
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