Burn Gel Dressing

Burn Gel Dressing



Medical Relieve Pain Promote Healing Burn Gel Dressing

The burn gel dressing will absorb energy and lower the damage to skin. Less pain to skin and avoid the bacterial living on the wound .This product helps to heal the wound and it can also be used on radiotherapy to reduce the hurt to skin.

burn gel dressing  burn gel dressing

burn gel dressingburn gel dressing


  • Soothing,cooling relief for burns,scalds and sunburn. prevents the burn progressing through healthy tissue.
  • Use on first and second degree burns. Cover the scald wound, keep the wound moisture and contact with the surface of skin. Relieve the burn, scald and the sun-burn.
  • Protect the wound by absorbing energy and prevent organism from damaging again.


  1. It also completely non-adhensive,nontoxic,and won irritate skin.
  2. The direct effective is lower the burning heart of burn,scald and sunburn.Less pain.
  3. It will provide protection to avoid the damage of burn to healthy organization.
  4. Absorb and disperse heat immediately.
  5. It is safe to use on first and second degree burns
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