CAT Tourniquet Using

CAT Tourniquet Using

CAT Tourniquet Using Method

Our Tourniquet Advantages:

  • Life Saving: CAT Tourniquet is awesome for Life Saving and Hemorrhage Control,100% effective in quickly stopping arterial blood flow in shortest application time saving life and limb.

  • Easy to Use: Fast and easy to apply with one hand on your on limbs. High strength carbon fiber Windlass quickly adjusts pressure in case bleeding restarts.
  • Easy to Carry: The compact size is easy to carry, it could be put in your backpack or pocket.

Let me introduce how to use CAT Tourniquet

  1.  Take the tourniquet out from the pouch, and open the adhesive tape, put it on the place 5-8cm from the wound, which is close to the heart.
  2. Tighten the adhesive tape, stick tight reversely, don’t cover the screw rod.
  3. Rotating the rod, until the bleeding stopped.
  4. Check the blood circulation situation
  5. Confirm the pulse of the wounded
  6. Fixed the rod in slot, then the bleeding have been controlled.

Life Saving and Hemorrhage Control CAT Tourniquet Using Merthod

Note: need to loosen the tourniquet 1-2minutes every 0.5-1 hour, the totally using time can not more than 4 hours. To avoid the arms or legs avascular necrosis.

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